Be Cautious about Cancer


Your GP wants to know if you have any of these symptoms.

These symptoms may be harmless but can be caused by cancer or other conditions, so contact your GP to discuss them.

Quick assessment means faster reassurance if all is well. If there is a problem, an earlier diagnosis means better chances of a full recovery.

Be Cautious

Better outcomes with

Earlier assessment of:

Change in bowel/ bladder function

A mouth ulcer or skin problem which isn’t healing

Unexpected bleeding/ discharge (eg. bowel/ vagina/ nose)

Thickness/ lump in a breast/ nipple/ elsewhere

Indigestion – severe and persistent/ swallowing difficulty

Ongoing cough/ hoarseness

Unusual appearance of a mole/ wart

Symptoms of unexplained weight loss/ bloating/ extreme fatigue/ excessive night sweats/ unexplained pain

Tell your GP about any of these symptoms.

Cancer Matters.

For more help and advice, visit the Cancer Matters Wessex website.