Covid Vaccine Update

Dear Patient,

We are all delighted by how well the Covid vaccination programme is going and we look forward to this improving the quality of life for all of us as the Roadmap Out of Lockdown begins.

If you are 50 or over please do book an appointment for your vaccine as soon as you can:

There will be fewer first vaccines delivered in April, although second vaccines will be given. Plans to vaccinate patients under 50 have not yet started.

We expect vaccine deliveries to increase again in May

We will be taking this opportunity in April to start looking at:

  • How we can get back to a normal routine of consulting with patients
  • Which screening areas we need to prioritise
  • How we can do this in a Covid safe way

Thank you for your patience as we all work through these changes, and do look after yourselves by attending all your appointments including those for immunisations and screening.

The Castle Practice