Move with Bath: Bath Rugby Foundation and Wiltshire Council free weight loss and fitness programme for men

Healthy Us at Wiltshire Council and Bath Rugby Foundation are offering a free 12-week weight loss and fitness programme designed for men.

It is open to men living in Wiltshire aged 18 or over, with a body mass index
(BMI) of 30 or above (BMI 27.5 or above for BAME participants). There will be
three courses run at various rugby clubs over the next 8 months:

  • Swindon RFC – Every Monday from 8th November to 17th February 6:30-8pm (12 weeks- not including Christmas 20th, 27th December, and 3rd January)
  • Melksham RFC – Every Monday from 14th February to 16th May 6:30-8pm (12
    weeks- not including bank holiday 18th April and 2nd May)
  • Warminster RFC – starting April 2022 (dates to be confirmed)

What does the course involve?

The sessions involve exercises suitable for all and touch rugby games run by
Bath Rugby Foundation. The course also includes interactive sessions with a
health improvement coach, covering topics on nutrition, portion sizes, eating out,
behaviour change and how to maintain healthy habits for life.

Participants will be supported to improve their diets, to exercise safely and
improve their overall health and wellbeing. It is an exciting opportunity for those
who want to kickstart or continue their weight loss journey with a team focused
on keeping exercise fun and providing the tools for healthy eating!

For more information about the programme and signing up please visit:

Move with Bath: Bath Rugby Community Foundation

For help calculating your BMI, please visit:

NHS: BMI Calculator